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Date: 2010-10-26 01:00
Subject: Kstewislove - Round 05
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Robstenplus onefunny faceoprahon set
londonbluebella quotebody lesscvintage

CATEGORY: Photoshoots


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Date: 2010-09-22 20:40
Subject: Round 04-Kstewislove
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with Taylorblondestewbbstewwith fantexture
lyricsblack & whitenegative spacepersonal picComic con

CATEGORY: Different Movies


Icons for Kstew20in20,
Fell free to take;Comments are appreciated ♥
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Date: 2010-09-12 20:55
Subject: (no subject)
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Just posting gifs for my referenceCollapse )
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Date: 2010-08-20 23:44
Subject: Round 03- kstewislove
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Tags:kristen stewart, kstew, kstew20in20, kstewicons
Entry for Kstew20in20

VF 2008
not Bella
touching hair

CATEGORY: My Top 5 Kstew's Dresses
Dress #5
Dress #4
Dress #3
Dress #2
Dress #1


Fell Free to use any.
just tell me which one you take.
and comments are appreciated ♥
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Date: 2010-06-25 01:04
Subject: My kristen fan encounter
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***EDIT*** Holy shit, this post is embarrassing. My grammar is horrible...and the way I said things. Going to leave it up just for the memory, but oh my god. This is just horrid.

 posting this here,so i can have easy access to it from now on.


so ..I'm a HUGE fan of Kristen Stewart
well tonight at the red carpet for the eclipse premiere, I went and camped out for 3 night and 4 days just for her.
nobody else, if kristen werent there, I wouldnt be.

so we got into our gated area,and i had a perfect view of the red carpet where i was,but i wasn't in the front of our little square section,and i really wanted to get to the front when kristen came around,only for her then i would go back to my spot. but none of the other people would let me and my friend do so. so i just moved to a different section with less people,and kristen got out of her limo,but then someone accidently got sharpie on her,so she had to leave to take it off and then come back.so then she comes back,and i made a huge poster that took me like 3 hours to make that says "KRISTEN be my BFF" and its like glittery,and has pics of her ,and its big. so when she came around to my section,since i wasnt totally in front,i kept like trying yo hold up my poster for her sign or something,or for her to notice,but it kept getting pushed by other people,and like her bodyguard so it wouldnt hit her. so she left to take some press pics,and came back to our section,and i still couldnt get her to read it or sign it or anything,but as she was about to leave our section,that had like tons of people shoving stuff at her to sign and screaming,she turns around slightly,and tilts her head up, looks up,and reads my poster,she doesnt glance,she actually mouths the words ,reads it,looks at all of it,and smiles and says awww thank you,takes steps towards me,reaches her arm out to me,and says thank you directly to me, and ask me if i want two tickets, to the actual movie premiere to go inside the theater!! she reached her arms though,and personally gave me 2 tickets!!,she noticed me and my poster. i practically died,i was with my friend(kstewluver216/Amanda) ,who is also a kristen fan,so i ran up to her,and showed her that kristen stewart just handed me these two tickets personally,looks in my eyes,spoke with me,and read my poster. and after all that when we were like telling Amanda's mom and stuff,i couldn't breathe bcuz i was just so happy and crying of joy,and in a state of shock. like kristen actually spoke to me, twice,once about the posters and tickets & another when i shouted "i love you kristen" and she looked me in the eyes and said thank you.

sooo.then here is some more amazingness,we get inside and these people in front of us are talking to us and we have a whole convo while waitin for the movie to start(eclipse),and idk why it took me and my friends(kstewluver216) so long to realize but one of the people seating in front us talking to us is kristen's mom, Jules!! and her dad John come right before the movie starts,and kristen walks in and i see her and stuff. and the thing is her mom and friend(their business partner),who btw i loved he was just really nice and funny, had been talking with us alot,and like we were venting to them how much we love kristen and how she gave me the tickets,and i must have been in such shock because i didnt realize it was jules until john sat down as kristen came in right before eclipse started. but yeah that night after she gave me the tickets and i was walking to the theater,i pretty much cried(happy),hyperventilated,spoke with my idol,and just had such a memorable night,i will NEVER forget. i finally saw eclipse with the cast! and kristen parents in front of me,mamastew and papastew,it was such an honor to have them in front of us,u have no idea,i love kristen and her whole family.

there were soooo many people there,and i happend to seat behind her parents.but yes this is why i love kristen stewart,she turned my whole night around<3
this is why us kristen fans love kristen so much! this is so important to me,and has changed everything,kristen has changed my whole life,shes been my idol,and to have the one person ive been camping out 4 days to see,personally give me tickets and spoke with me ,well its outta this world. normally i would just have been standing at the red carpet,but bcuz of kristen i got to go inside the theater and watch eclipse. it was the most amazing fan encounter,i've been waiting to meet her,bcuz she lives 10 min away from me,but v never got to meet her,ahh i love kristen soo much. im sill in shock ,joy,and more love,it was just last night it happend this all happend. and there is a picture of her and rob,and my poster is in the background,lol. and a video of kristen with my poster in the background.a night a will never forget.

also here is the poster i had spent like 2-3 hours on,that she read-
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Date: 2010-06-20 21:05
Subject: Eclipse Soundtrack
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Tags:band of horses, dead weather, eclipse, eclipse soundtrack, metric, muse, neutron star collision, new moon, new moon soundtrack heavy in your arms, sia, twilight
 Is good.
i loved the new moon soundtrack,it was amazing. so no the eclipse soundtrack
didnt live up the expectations,but WAIT knowing myself ,i am speaking
too soom,i kinda didnt like the new moon soundtrack until after seeing new moon
it might be since i know what scenes they go to i feel more comfort or something.
but i actually like the eclipse soundtrack and i havent even seen the movie yet
so that could mean a good thing.

anyways the songs i can't get enough of are Heavy in your arms,Neutron star collision,and Rolling in on a burning tree.
rolling in on a burning tree by Dead Weather has such an amazing dark beat to it (:

oh and Eclipse(all yours) by Metric and Life on Earth by band of Horses are good ones also.

i was kinda disappointed in My love by Sia ,the song is good,but i expected more from Sia,there are barely any lyrics in the song,and she usually had amazing lyrics and vocals.
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Date: 2010-06-04 18:20
Subject: Writer's Block: Now Presenting…
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Tags:mtv, mtv movie awards, mtvma, writer's block
If you could present any award at the MTV Movie Awards, which one would you want to present? Which celeb would you want up on stage with you?

I would wanna present for best movie,and want kristen stewart on stage with me (:
New moon will probably win as usual ,so kristen would be up on stage with me either way.
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Date: 2010-06-02 22:47
Subject: Yes, i hate Dakota Fanning.
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I've hated dakota for a while now,like 3 years now.
when i was younger,i liked all her movies -uptown girls,cat in the hat,world of the wars,hide and seek.
now i refuse to watch her on screen. i hate her i hate her i hate her.

it kills me that she and kristen are best friend,but i respect it because kristen is one of the
most important people to me. i also love kristen so much,that i listen to the runaways soundtrack
and watch the trailer over and over again,and the move,even though dakota is in it. i hate that

dakota is part of twilight. and i hate that she did the runaways with kristen,but as i said
i respect kristen,so i respect there friendship. but i will never like dakota.
i even love kristen so much ,i watch the runaways interviews! xp dakota even
goes to school and is on the cheer team with some people i know,do i even see all the personal
little cheer pictures on face book, she is everywhere i go!!!

just thought i would let that out.
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Date: 2010-05-28 22:28
Subject: Going to LA Eclipse Convention
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Music:Make Me Wanna Die -The Pretty Reckless
Just bought my ticket!!! 
for the saturday that kris,rob,and taylor are at.

they were only $50 bucks!
my mom was like alright this is ur bday present then! lol
my bday is on the 15th and the convention is the 12th
so prefect timing! haha

but yayyyy.
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Date: 2010-05-28 22:23
Subject: Writer's Block: And The Best Movie Is...
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Tags:movie awards, mtv, mtvmovieawards, standout movie, writer's block
From 3D epics to sidesplitting comedies to angst-filled vampire thrillers, this was a standout year for movies. Which flick would you award the honor of Best Movie?

Not alot of good choices this year,
in alot of category's, the ones i voted to make nominees
didnt make it
expect for kristen stewart.

like i think the dear john kiss was the best,and its not even nominated.
but for best movie,i guess i will have to go with New Moon.
the runaways nor,did remember me make it =/
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